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The gallbladder is an organ (shaped like a “bag” or “pouch”) underneath the liver that stores bile--a fluid we need to digest fat. It can cause pain for a variety of reasons--development of stones, inflammation, infection, decreased function, etc. In many cases, a laparoscopic cholecystectomy (removal of the gallbladder) is able to relieve these symptoms in an out-patient surgery. It is one of the most common surgeries performed in the United States and Sahai Surgical Specialists have performed >1000 cases.

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Hernia is simply a “hole” that usually require surgical intervention to fix.  They can occur in many different areas of the abdomen. They are usually noticed externally as “bulges”.  Many different operative techniques are available to fix them, including new techniques using the DaVinci Robotic System.  Sahai Surgical Specialists has years of expertise in these repairs.

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Skin Lesion

Skin lesions can be cosmetically bothersome to malignant/cancerous tumors that require surgical excision. They can be small or very large. Sahai Surgical Specialists have years of experience removing a variety of lesions.

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Skin Cancer

Skin cancers are the most common type of cancer affecting men and women. Living in Arizona, early detection is important. Sometimes simple excision is all that is required but sometimes more involved procedures may be used to remove the tumor, stage a patient, or decrease risk of future recurrence. Using their partners in medical and radiation oncology, Sahai Surgical Specialists provides a comprehensive approach to treating skin cancer.

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The appendix is a small organ (shaped like a pouch or “finger”) hanging off the first part of the colon.  It is not necessary to live. In about 7% of the population it can become inflamed. One of the risks is rupture (“bursting of the appendix”) and peritonitis.  It can be usually removed through a laparosopic/minimally-invasive approach (small incisions).



Other Emergency Surgery

The doctors at Sahai Surgical Specialists take care of many different types of “emergencies” in the hospitals they work at.  These can include skin infections to severe internal life-threatening processes. They do their best to be available to their patients and others’ needs whenever possible.

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Ports are devices implanted underneath the skin that allow patients an access to their veins for blood draws and infusions (i.e. for chemotherapy) without the painful and multiple IV sticks in their arms. They can be placed via an out-patient procedure.

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Minimally invasive, robotic surgery has revolutionized surgical treatment of general surgery and colorectal conditions. Offering the latest in surgical care to enhance your recovery and minimize pain.

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