Da Vinci Robotic System



Dr. Rohit Sahai and Dr. Aalok Sahai aim to use the latest technology to improve patient outcomes while maintaing safety.

What conditions are treated using the Da Vinci Robotic system?



What is the "DaVinci" Robotic Surgery":


Davinci Robotic Surgery offers an advance in minimally invasive surgery. It allows surgeons at Sahai Surgical Specialists to guide an advanced set of instruments through small incisions to perform your procedure. These instruments, guided by your surgeon in real-time, move like a human hand. This technology allows a better view and more precision than ever before.


What comprises the Robotic System?


The system is comprised of 3 components:

Surgeon Console:
This is where the surgeon sits and operates the instruments using an enhanced 3D view.

Patient-side Cart:
Sits alongisde the bed and holds the cameras and instruments that are controlled by your surgeon.

Vision Cart:
Allows others in the operating room to view what is occuring.


What Benefits Does Robotic Surgery Offer?

Due to surgery being performed through smaller incisions, with more precision, and with a 3D View, patients generally have a shorter recovery and less pain. Complex Procedures that would have otherwise required a larger open incision or the use of a surgeon's hand are in some cases able to be performed robotically. Greater precision and control by the surgeon often enables less bleeding and more precise dissection. Continued advancements in this platform will allow Sahai Surgical Specialists to enhance patient's recovery and out comes.

Not all surgeries are suitable for the Davinci System. Every patient is evaluated based on their individual issue and medical history to determine what technique is the most appropriate.


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